Contemplating the light


I really enjoyed creating this weeks image. For a change, I’ve given this weeks challenge a bit of thought before creating it instead of just snapping like crazy and hoping I find something I like. Though the finished product was not what I pictured in my head, as I chose a different pose entirely, but the lighting effect was exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

For as long as I have been reading up on photography techniques one theme has always been dominant, and that is that the use of natural light is kindest and most complementing to ones subject, and that has pretty much been the rule that I have always tried to follow. This week it was time to break out of that box. It was just me, the bedside lamp and my daughter’s very large, stuffed unicorn who was my double while I was playing with focus and composition. I really need to find a better, more stable object to act as my double 😉

I’m really enjoying google+ photography communities. And yes, even though there are some really crappy entries, some are just phenomenal and worth the wade through. This week I’ve enjoyed browsing the Creative Portraiture community which can be found here as well as Mobile Photography community which is here.

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2 thoughts on “Contemplating the light

  1. Wow. I’d commission that for a gallery!

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