Talk to the hand


The easter madness is done. The preparations for such a short holiday were hectic to say the least, but it’s done now,  a great time was had by all and the extra padding on my hips is proof enough of that.

I have come across a really informative article on creating close up self portraits and eye macro’s by Shantha Marie Fountain on google+, and you can read it here. I’ve decided to play around with her suggestions for this week’s pic. But, I also got a bit tired of shooting my face, which I guess is not a good sign for a self portrait project, especially so early on in the project, so my hand it is 🙂

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One thought on “Talk to the hand

  1. I am sure I am a bit behind, since this was back in April, but I am so glad you found a use and some practical application for my tutorial over on G+! 🙂

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