Just me and my camera


A bit late this week with my post, it seems so many other things sought my attention first, but here it is.

Good news though, my remote shutter release has arrived – yay! Bad news – I still haven’t learned how to use it. The instructions for the remote simply state to check the camera manual for remote release instruction. So, I have the still unopened manual next to me, waiting for the next surge of ‘energy’ to sweep over me. This will then also explain why I did my shot this week holding my camera, facing a mirror 🙂

This week I have discovered google+’s The Art of Self  Portrait community, check it out for lots of cool self portraits, some 52 week projects, like mine, others 365 projects. Here’s the link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/113816660818291746825

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2 thoughts on “Just me and my camera

  1. Those eyes… so… enthralling… getting… drowsy….

    Ok, now for something a little less positive: I think an effect of the proximity of the camera is that your cheeks look ’rounder’* than they did in last week’s “Up close and personal”. It may be the effect of the big round lens or the difference in lighting between the left and right sides, but it made me pause. Were you aiming to have the lens as the centerpiece?

    (* just please don’t rush to throw out all the cupcakes!)

  2. No, I wasn’t particularly aiming for the lens to be central. I was trying to play a bit with the back light and reflected light, so as not to over expose. I was also wanting to see if I could get a bit of a lens flare happening, which as you can see didn’t happen 🙂

    About the rounder cheeks; the right cheek is resting against the lens, which I guess is partly to blame for the fuller shape. The other factors would definitively have to do with angles and cupcakes 😀

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