From zero to hero. Maybe.

I purchased the Pro Bundle, not that I’m anywhere near feeling like a pro in any department at the moment, but, that is soon to change. I am about to become a WordPress expert. Yes, I’ve decided to go through the ‘Learn WordPress’ topics before clicking away at all options to see what I can stitch together ahead of breathing life into my creation. That in itself is very unusual for me, because in most things that require that I follow directions, I think I’m more like a man, where instruction manuals and map directions are there only to be referenced once I am in dire straits and I have exhausted all of my logical (word used loosely) options. Anyway, how hard can this be for someone who used to be a web designer in the last century, right? Things couldn’t have changed that much in the last decade or so, right..? Here’s hoping.

But, becoming an expert in WordPress is not what this blog is going to be about. I am aiming to document my learning curve in becoming fluent in DSLR, to practice the lingo of the manual mode. And maybe showcase an image or two that I’m especially proud of.

The biggest mountain that I will have to conquer to achieve my aim, I believe, is finding the motivation, that proverbial cracker that will make me get off my butt and do what I need to do. One thing that has peaked my interest this week is the concept of a 52 week self portrait challenge. One shot a week, not as demanding as a 365 project. I have also come across a few other challenges, like the 40 day challenge, where a list of 40 subjects is to be completed. Those, I won’t give myself a time to complete in, I think one project on a time constraint is enough.

But first, I will play with this page and it’s tweaks until I’m happy with the way it looks.

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